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Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

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Baraa Manasrah
President @ Muslim Students Association

As a student organization leader and student at UW-Madison, the benefit that Abloh can provide is immense. I am really excited for this program, as it will revolutionize the college student experience.

Richard Halverson
Associate Dean for Innovation @ UW-Madison School of Education

An exciting product that helps connect students with campus events and each other!

Julia Rutledge
Program Director @ UW-Madison Learning Analytics MS

I think it's brilliant! I can see how Abloh could provide an informal and authentic opportuinity to track my students and connect with their interests and passions.

Charlie Forbes
President @ Capital Management Club

I'm excited that it would help student orgs connect to potential members much easier. Recruiting is a big challenge, and Abloh would make it a much easier task.

Yahvi Mahendra
Director @ India Students Association

Abloh would allow student orgs and academic life on campus to collaborate on a new level and would open new opportunities for students' campus experience.

Kate Buckingham
Information Systems Chair @ Alpha Kappa Psi

The concept is great! As a member of a sorority and fraternity, I could see this greatly simplifying online communication, helping students feel more connected.

Adam Roitstein
President @ Sales & Trading & Asset Management Club

I envision Abloh being the one stop shop for all extracurriculars on campus. Condensing everything outside of Canvas to one platform would provide alot of value.

Grace D'Souza
Vice Chair @ Student Services Financial Committee

Abloh would help me be more efficient and better manage all of the commitments I have. Would really enhance the college experience.

Alex Bukowiec
'20-'21 UW-Madison Class President

Abloh will make it far easier for me to connect with fellow students and organizations. I'm really excited about beinag able to increase engagment and better understand student sentiments.

Nikita Menon
Captain @ Wisconsin Surma

Love that everything is in one place and that the platform includes information directly from the university!

Felix Liu
Project Manager @ Badger Consulting

I really like the idea of scheduling all my university related events in one place. That and the threads would make Abloh really useful.

David Ertl
Mentor in Residence - Discovery to Product

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